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A Zimbabwean Priest Who Attempted to “Walk on Water Like Jesus” is Eaten By Crocodiles

Posted on January 27th, 2018 at 10:52 by John Sinteur in category: News -- Write a comment


A pastor in Zimbabwe who attempted to demonstrate the “Power of God” by walking on water has been by viciously attacked and killed by the crocodiles in the river he was walking across.

Jonathan Mthethwa was mauled by the three reptiles as he was carrying out a religious demonstration.

Stunned onlookers who witnessed the attack said the pastor had “prayed the whole week” before the demonstration took a fatal turn for the worse.

  1. Oh, this plus the American snake guy in the same week! That God fella’s got a sense of humour, I’d say.

  2. In the books, Hannibal Lector would ‘collect’ religion-related natural disasters. I’d say Hannibal would include this one as well – Free-range rude, meeting reality.

  3. Actually it calls for joke number 522:

    Jesus is raised again after being crucified. He appears to His followers and, although his appearance has changed dramatically most of them gradually accept His return from the dead. Except for Doubting Thomas.

    Thomas says to Jesus, “Well, if you’re really Christ, you’ll be able to perform miracles like before?”

    “Yes,” says Jesus, “What do you want me to do to prove that I am God’s Son?”

    “OK, how about you walk over the Sea of Gallilee like you did previously?”

    “Right you are.” And Jesus goes down to the sea shore and starts to walk out. Unfortunately, he’s chosen a deep part and he sinks.

    Coming up, he’s pulled out by several of his congregation.

    “See,” said Thomas, “I was right to be skeptical. You aren’t Jesus at all!”

    “Yes, I am. Really. It’s just that I didn’t have these holes in my feet the last time I did this!”

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