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Yes, Trump Voters Will Stick With Him Forever

Posted on December 30th, 2017 at 13:31 by John Sinteur in category: News -- Write a comment


Imagine you’re a 35-year-old white guy in 1999. The world is your oyster; the next 15 years, your income, life and opportunities are going to skyrocket. Then, boom: Columbine, the white suburbs are no longer safe; 2000, the electoral system is a mess; 2001, America is no longer safe from terror; 2002, the economy is rigged for big business like Enron; and 2005, America’s party city New Orleans gets flooded and the government botches the recovery.

After all that, the only way to fix the country is by handing it over to a handsome, smart black guy with a funny name. How emasculating! Eight years later, you’ve got black folks protesting, gays on every television network, and even black athletes, from college to the pros, are demanding to be heard. To quote the late Bill Paxton, “Game over, man; game over!” America is done.

The ’80s aren’t coming back; the era of white male cultural hegemony is only at 97 percent instead of 100 percent, and there’s no way to change it. Trump voters know this. They know that manufacturing jobs that pay a living wage aren’t coming back. They know that a wall is impractical. They know that terrorism is impossible to stop. When you know the inevitable is coming, when you know that you have to face change or become irrelevant, you either change or you kick and scream and drag every tablecloth and curtain in a temper tantrum on your way out.

Donald Trump is that temper tantrum. This is why Trump voters are still angry. Why they’re still stabbing college students and hanging nooses and protesting at Confederate statues and can’t stop talking about Obama and Hillary. Those aren’t the actions of optimistic winners who believe America’s best days are ahead.

Trump supporters still believe that America is ruined, soiled, tainted and irredeemable. No matter what America says to Trump now, his voters know that she dated a black guy for eight years and she liked it, and she still thinks about him. Why do you think conservatives are always calling their enemies “cuckolds”? It’s projection.

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