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Woman Tried to Trap WaPo into Running False Story

Posted on November 28th, 2017 at 13:42 by John Sinteur in category: News -- Write a comment


Last week, a woman named Jaime T. Phillips approached the Washington Post with some salacious new information about Roy Moore, namely that he impregnated her when she was 15, and then forced her to get an abortion. That is some prime dirt; a story like that would sell a lot of newspapers, and would likely be the death knell for the would-be senator’s campaign. However, the story was just a bit too good to believe. The WaPo’s reporters, evincing an apropos degree of skepticism, found that Phillips’ account did not stand up to scrutiny, and that the more questions they asked, the more inconsistencies that presented themselves. For example, she claimed that she had only lived in Alabama for that one summer 26 years ago, and yet she had a cell phone with an Alabama area code. Eventually, the newspaper’s staff found a gofundme page in which a Jaime Phillips was raising money to move from Alabama to New York to take a job combating “liberal lies” in the media. They also observed Phillips entering the offices of Project Veritas, a New York-based conservative group that is known for undercover “sting” operations like this. In short: busted.

The whole story is really worth reading, as it’s got a cloak and dagger feel to it, but with a bit of Keystone Kops thrown in, given the bumbling incompetence of Phillips, et al. Obviously, Project Veritas’ goal was to prove that the Post would print anything salacious about Moore just to move newspapers, and that the paper’s coverage of this subject is not to be trusted. In the end, they managed to prove the exact opposite. (Z)

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