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Posted on September 16th, 2017 at 16:45 by John Sinteur in category: News -- Write a comment


The truth is, no matter how he winds up leaving office, Donald Trump will always be with us. We may, unless there is nuclear Armageddon, outlast his presidency. Robert Mueller’s investigation may even shorten it. But we can’t repeal or replace it. Long after his presidency ends – indeed, long after he has departed this vale of tweets for that gloriously appointed Mar-a-Lago in the sky – Trump will continue to dominate and disrupt our lives at every turn. Because he’s Trump, being a former president will do nothing to diminish his desperate need for attention or his willingness to hurt whomever it takes to get it. He’ll still have his gifts as a showman, his wealth, his mastery of social media, and the unshakable devotion of his followers. And the media will remain just as eager to report and dissect and amplify his every untruth and slander. Indeed, freed from the shackles of the Constitution, Trump could end up provoking even more havoc out of office than he has as president.

There will never be, in short, a world without Trump. As we work to remove him from office, we must also grapple with a harsh truth: that his influence, and the broader forces he represents, will not end with his presidency. When Trump leaves the Oval Office, our long national nightmare will not be over. It will have just begun.

  1. I sadly agree. Sometimes your writings return me to helpless feelings and I cry.

    Somewhere I had read the writer predicted civil war— in 15 yrs. 15 YEARS!! That’s a lot of misery. And then even worse misery.

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