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Posted on September 6th, 2017 at 0:26 by John Sinteur in category: News -- Write a comment

  1. There’s porn everywhere now. Why didn’t you include Mohammed?

  2. Stop using the “whataboutism” fallacy will, it doesn’t suit you.

  3. @Will: Oh I dunno, because Mo is dead and isn’t contemporaneous with Kim and Trump?

  4. Game, set and match. Take a seat, Will.

  5. It’s in poor taste. There! Get it!

    Just because it’s two nimrods doesn’t mean you have to act like one.

  6. So primness and prudery as well as whataboutism, misdirection and false equivalence. All in the service of rightwing talking points, pursued as relentlessly as though written by a Macedonian teenager.

  7. Hey, we didn’t give the world Hitler or Stalin. Europe did.

    My view of history is that current events are a result of past event. Go back to the past if you want to know when events took a wrong turn. Democrats only have themselves to blame for Trump.

  8. “It’s all THEIR fault” doesn’t suit you either.

  9. Poor taste? Blimey, Will, that is expecting too much. I thought it was a hilarious cartoon.

    (I have news for you if you think that image is porn, btw. Admittedly depiction of male anatomy is normally a little more…erm…attractive.)

  10. OK, so I stand corrected. My SO says that it is gross and he doesn’t want to look at it. Poor taste then :-]

  11. Oh Sue’s SO. I looked at my anatomy (standing corrected or not) as you put it..thought it was attractive (at least to someone), but now NOW, I ashamed. Oh no, years of therapy are now in front of me. Oh woe is me. 🙂

    Regarding Cartoon — hilarious indeed! And @John — you are a bit harsh on Will. He is, at a high level, partially correct in blaming (implied) corruption and mismanagement of the democrats as one of the causes for Trump. Certainly not all. It is far more complex and cannot be “one” cause. Hillary was a flawed choice. Divisive, dynastic and with much baggage. Too bad Joe did not run. Too bad others like Bernie were run off the rails by the Hilary machine. We cannot ignore these events.

  12. Of course we can’t. But it’s a bit much to ask a single cartoon to address more than one, two at most, things on that long list of “stuff that got us here”. Dismissing something because “this or that happened a while a go and that helped get us in this situation and you’re not addressing that particular pet peeve” is unhelpful to say the least.

  13. Precisely. You don’t need to shoehorn Hillary into this cartoon when it’s clearly not about her.

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