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Robert Jeffress: God’s OK with U.S. bombing North Korea

Posted on August 12th, 2017 at 9:23 by John Sinteur in category: News -- Write a comment


Texas pastor Robert Jeffress, one of President Trump’s evangelical advisers, said that God has given the president “full control” to take out North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

In a statement to CBN News Tuesday, the First Baptist Dallas pastor wrote that a biblical passage in the book of Romans endowed “rulers full power to use whatever means necessary — including war — to stop evil.”

“In the case of North Korea, God has given Trump authority to take out Kim Jong-Un,” Jeffress told CBN News. “I’m heartened to see that our president — contrary to what we’ve seen with past administrations who have taken, at best, a sheepish stance toward dictators and oppressors — will not tolerate any threat against the American people.”

I think we should relocate his church to a Seoul suburb and see how fast his mind changes.

  1. What’s that Commandment again? The one about not killing, that one. Perhaps we’ve all missed the 2nd line, the bit that says, “…unless you really don’t like them.”
    On a more practical note, there’s no realistic way of killing just Kim, dozens or even hundreds would die alongside him and remember, most of Seoul, certainly the northern half, is in range of a LOT of heavily entrenched large-calibre artillery guns. But hey, they’re not Americans so, to the hard-right, they don’t count…
    What a shining example of Christianity at its finest…

  2. Don’t forget there’s quite a bit of US troops around. Google OPLAN 5027 for some depressing reality. Think half a million South Koreans and 50k US dead. And there’s about 12,000 self-propelled and towed weapon systems to take out at the very same moment if we want to keep Seoul intact. Not bloody likely.

  3. World leaders don’t like to take out their counterparts. It sets a bad precedent.

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