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International Travel to the U.S. Sees Double-Digit Decline Under Trump

Posted on May 30th, 2017 at 10:27 by John Sinteur in category: News


International tourism in the U.S. is down by as much as 16% since October 2016, according to a new analysis from Foursquare. While the data doesn’t pinpoint the exact cause of the decline, there is little doubt the president’s rhetoric on immigration and controversial travel ban are at least partially to blame. And the dip in travel to the U.S. could have big implications for a number of U.S. industries and the economy at large.

Foursquare looked at America’s market share of international travel — as in, the U.S. as a destination versus the rest of the world. It analyzed foot traffic trails on more than 50 million global users in over 150 countries.

It found that the U.S.’s market share of international travel fell by 6% year-over-year in October and continued to decrease through March 2016, when it dropped by 16% year-over-year. Currently, there is no sign of recovery in the data.

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  1. Does that imply immigration is down by 16%?

  2. @will – I’d bet those are two very different things. I tried to google some data about immigration numbers and was surprised (given the intensity of the discussions in our present society) how confusing and sparse actual real data seems to be. The latest summaries went to 2013 or so – those did show a consistent trend up excluding 2008 which showed over a million in that year). Maybe someone with better google-fu could inform us…