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Dear Microsoft: absolutely not.

Posted on April 9th, 2017 at 11:38 by John Sinteur in category: News -- Write a comment



Are you fucking kidding me?

Microsoft, where’s your ad campaign telling adult male scientists not to rape their colleagues in the field? Where’s the campaign telling them not to steal or take credit for women’s work? Or not to serially sexually harass their students? Not to discriminate against them? Not to ignoredismiss, or fail to promote them at the same rate as men? Not to publish their work at a statistically significant lower rate? Not to refuse to take women on field expeditions, as did my graduate advisor, now tenured at University of Washington? Where’s your ad campaign telling institutions not to hire, shelter, or give tenure to serial harassers or known sexists, as UW and countless others have done? Where’s your ad campaign encouraging scientific journals to switch to blind submissions and blind peer reviewers? Or to pay women at the same rate as men? I could keep linking articles all day. But I’m tired. Everyones’ noses have been pushed in these same data for decades and nothing changes.

There’s a reason women and girls leave STEM. It is because STEM is so hostile to women that leaving the field is an act of survival. It was for me.

Microsoft, do not dump this shit on the shoulders of young girls. It’s not their responsibility; it’s the responsibility of those in power. That means you.

Get it right.

  1. This is a complicated problem. However, in a sense the ad is right. If we accept other people’s expectations then we will not achieve as much as we could. However, a girl from a wealthy family can usually expect to be successful. A poor boy, not so much.

    A lot of this is about putting up with shit that one has to, not putting up with shit that one doesn’t have to; courage, flexibility, persistence and humour in the face of fools.

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