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Make Mercia Great Again

Posted on April 8th, 2017 at 14:29 by John Sinteur in category: News -- Write a comment


Behold the scribings of King Donæld the Unready, the Greatest Bretwalda Mercia ever saw. The Bestwalda.

Hear ye of his many kingly exploits and brave pronouncements of divers matters:
on his use of St. Elmo’s fire against Ivarr the Boneless in Cumbraland and the reaction of the Viking Rus, on efforts to fulfill his promise to build a shieldwall to protect our fair kingdom, on the fate of Ealdormann Bannon and those villainous fake chroniclers

bīdaþ! King Donæld is not alone…
He is joined by:
Æthelflæd‏, lady of the Mercians, Myrcna hlædige
Cellian Of Conway, of King Donaeld’s court
Stephen ye Miller, also of the court

As well as foreign dignitaries BUT NONE AS GREAT AS KING DONÆLD
Theresa, Prime Maiden of Albion
Lady Walais-Sturgiun of Scotlande
Jester Corbyn of Wessex
Njall Fromage of Wessex

Of course there are many chroniclers and scribes BEWARE #FAKECHRONICLES
Brietbart Chronicles
The Jorvik Times
Wat’s Dyke Chronicle
Ye Pagan Mail

And hwæt! a serf dares speak in the presence of the king?!

All as illuminated by Wulfgar the Bard.

Some previous historical context. With apologies to, like, everyone who ever studied the Anglo-Saxon language

  1. Greatest fairytale written…ever. And hopefully never to be seen again in the foreseeable future.

    March to resign.

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