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Cop’s Tip For Not Getting Raped By A Cop: ‘Don’t Get Pulled Over’

Posted on September 25th, 2014 at 12:12 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane


In response to the arrests of three law enforcement officials in Oklahoma for sexually assaulting women while on the job, an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper told women they can avoid getting raped by a cop if they simply follow traffic laws.

Because a cop who is willing to violate the law to rape a woman would never cross the line of abusing his official power to pull over a law abiding citizen, right?


In one case, the victim told police that Holtzclaw broke into her home in March, kicked out her boyfriend and then forced her to perform sexual acts.

Let me guess – it’s clearly her fault for not having a stronger lock, and for dressing like that in her own home!

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  1. Militarized occupying force. Well-educated, well-trained, well-paid, well-armed. Alternately bored and terrified. Heroes.

  2. They’re so arrogant in their power that they don’t even care what we think anymore.