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Don Buchla’s 1973 Music Easel

Posted on August 1st, 2014 at 22:20 by John Sinteur in category: awesome -- Write a comment


Charles Cohen is a master synthesizer improviser who has been a central figure in Philadelphia/East Coast experimental, avant-garde, and improvisational scene for the past 40 years. He is one of the few living artists to own and have mastered Don Buchla’s 1973 Music Easel, a rare, performance-oriented portable synth made from two modules of the Buchla 200 series.

Cohen will host a workshop illuminating both his unique creative philosophy and musical practice. He will also present the new re-issue of the original Buchla Music Easel system, produced in close consultation with Don Buchla himself.

The workshop will culminate in a collaborative jam session, during which participants are invited to use their own analogue equipment, as well as the equipment found at Schneidersladen, famous with audiophiles world-wide for its expansive selection of weird and wonderful sound generating devices.

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