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Rohrer: God Will Punish America For Gay Marriage

Posted on June 22nd, 2014 at 14:31 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane -- Write a comment

Preach on Rohrer, or God will punish the USA in the same way He punished the countries where it is legal: Sweden, Norway, New Zealand, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, the Netherlands.

I’m sure you want God to reward the USA the same way God rewarded the countries where it is illegal: Uganda, Nigeria, Somalia, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Afghanistan…

  1. You can’t let logic intervene if you’re discussing religion. That’s not allowed.

  2. The supreme being in most of the countries you say are being punished is Allah (not God but The God). Allah has a different view about how its followers should be treated.

  3. Not sure it’s wise to refer to Allah as it. And all of the monotheistic religions think of their God, by definition, as The God.

  4. Porpentine, I think your comment about whether or not it is “wise” is what separates rational religions from irrational and dangerous. Frankly, I think it’s nuts to give money to God. He shouldn’t need it.

  5. Chas, I think God’s colleague the Tooth Fairy has it the right way round – he gives you money not vice-versa.

    My crack about referring to Allah as “it” was to point out a fairly hefty error by the God-botherers who take such infinite care to define and parse and slice and interpret their chosen religious playground. Click on Joe’s name above.

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