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Pastor Serving Jail Time for Raping an Underage Girl Now Wants a Reduced Sentence Because He Says It Was Her Fault

Posted on June 22nd, 2014 at 14:01 by John Sinteur in category: Pastafarian News -- Write a comment


Three guesses what happened to the Christian youth groupie girl who said the following:

“I was raised by my parents and teachers to trust and obey my pastor. He was a celebrity to me, a father figure and a man of God. As my pastor, I sought guidance and counseling from (Schaap) when I was in need of help.”

You guessed correctly.


Schaap was tried, convicted, and is now serving time for his crimes. But now he’s issued an appeal to his sentence, saying that due to the girl’s original reasons for seeking him out for counseling, she should share part of the blame for his actions.

  1. Er, John? Any chance you could put up that rather nice picture, “Smells like…”?
    I think it’s either that or 72-point screaming…

  2. I’d cut off his nuts, just to be on the safe side 😉

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