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The official US position on the NSA is still unlimited eavesdropping power

Posted on May 19th, 2014 at 17:43 by John Sinteur in category: Privacy -- Write a comment


In the government’s view, there is no need to ask whether the 2008 law violates Americans’ privacy rights, because in this context Americans have no rights to be violated.

  1. The Constitution is just a piece of trash to these people. I’m sorry, I sounded like a Tea Bagger for a minute there.

  2. I’ve been thinking that there should be an asymmetry in the mechanism for amending the Constitution. It should be possible to enumerate new rights or confirm existing rights for citizens with a simple majority vote of some kind, and it should require some large supermajority to remove rights (so that the majority can’t easily repress minorities).

    Of course that would mean that we’ll never get rid of gun rights. But it would make it easier to clarify explicicly, without having to depend on the right Supreme Court make-up, that yes, women have the same rights as men, and gays have the same rights as everyone else, and so on. No risk of a majority for polygamy, either.

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