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Innocents Lost: Preserving families but losing children

Posted on April 10th, 2014 at 14:32 by John Sinteur in category: News -- Write a comment


After Florida cut down on protections for children in troubled homes, deaths soared. The children died in ways cruel, outlandish, predictable and preventable.

  1. Drug addicts don’t make good mothers. I guess it would be morally wrong to offer them free contraceptives?

  2. Not wrong at all. Free abortions too if they want them. But it’s hard for someone in the chaos of a difficult life to get these things, especially with current blame-the-poor and anti-abortion attitudes. Plus some women in this situation actually want to have children.

    Why can’t these children and their parents be helped? In the end this will probably save money.

  3. Why can’t they be help? One reason is historically the poor fed the Catholic Church with money and they needed more of them. These days the anti-abortionist crowd blindly follows this detached so called moral mandate without an idea of history or the reality on the streets. But then again, the moral right never really gave a damn for the poor anyway. Here’s an idea, before you can proclaim your anti abortionist anti birth control credentials, you must serve continuous 365days in social work living and working amongst and with the poor, drug addicts, etc. [Now back to reality cause that will never happen]

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