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3D printed skull replacement implanted for the first time ever

Posted on March 28th, 2014 at 17:45 by Paul Jay in category: News



 Dutch hospital has successfully performed the first operation replacing a patient’s skull with a 3D-printed version.

The 22-year-old patient suffered from a rare disorder that caused the bone in her skull to thicken abnormally, from the normal 1.5cm to 5cm thick.

The condition gave the woman poor eyesight, severe headaches and the inability to perform facial expressions, with doctors saying the pressure on her brain would have certainly killed her in time.

The operation took 23 hours to perform and was led by Dr Bon Verweij from the University Medical Centre Utrecht.  3D-printers have previously been used to replace skull fragments, but this is the first time such an extensive area of the cranium – nearly a full hemisphere – has been transplanted.

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  1. That is all kinds of cool.

    Now, if they could just do something about the insides of the skull … 🙂

  2. Can you please do another article? This picture is grossing me out.

  3. She can audition for the next hellraiser movie, as a substitute for pinhead 🙂