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Reaction to no makeup selfies reveals how most of us really feel about cosmetics

Posted on March 26th, 2014 at 0:36 by John Sinteur in category: News -- Write a comment


A wealth of research has shown us that we are all pretty awful at understanding the preferences of the opposite sex. These misunderstandings are at the root of body image and self-esteem issues, causing people to engage in behaviours that are at best unnecessary, and at worst damaging to their health.

The recent wave of “no makeup selfies” that have raised more than £2m for Cancer Research was based on a simple premise – women removed their makeup, photographed themselves and shared the image. After donating, they nominated their friends, who did the same.

The idea behind it was that removing their makeup, the women exposed their vulnerable, “real” selves, emulating the way cancer can devastate a person’s life. Despite being incredibly successful, the trend had an interesting result. Even on my own Facebook account, I saw hundreds of compliments to those going bare-faced, with men and women alike commenting on how much more attractive everyone looked. And if so, are we wrong about the perceptions created by makeup?

  1. Myself, I prefer women with little or no makeup. It brings out their natural beauty. Tired, not getting enough sleep? Those circles and bags under the eyes evoke (in me at least) a strong feeling of sympathy, not a bit of “Oh God, you look horrible!”. More of “Dear, you’ve been working too hard! Let me fix you dinner and give you a back rub…” 🙂 That worked well for me, and in less two weeks we will celebrate our 40th anniversary! She says it was my back rubs that did the trick, though it seems I am still fixing dinner! Gotta go and check on the stir-fry.

  2. This is a serious threat to society! The economy would collapse if women went hairy, unpainted, uncoiffed, and dressed in stuff that was comfortable and didn’t itch. (What we have is an idiotic arms-race of fitness signals competing with other women imo.)

    Everyone would be happier (except the masses of unemployed estheticians, hairdressers, cosmetic surgeons, fashion and shoe makers and sellers, those peculiar white-coated women in department store cosmetics departments, podiatrists, psychiatrists, etc. etc.)

    @Spaceman: that old school kind of feminist, a gentleman, right? Domestic god? Fabulous lover? Scientist? Great cook? Back rubs? Silverback male signals of breeding quality?

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