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Popcorn Time And Tech’s Duty To Do The Right Thing

Posted on March 19th, 2014 at 20:53 by Desiato in category: Commentary -- Write a comment


People should be uniting around Science and Technology, not against it. Technology must be viewed as something magical instead of malicious. It is so easy for technology, computing especially, to seem cold, self-interested, and reckless; making it friendly, warm, and benevolent will take effort.

Technology has enabled piracy to flip the media industry upside down and that is just the beginning. Very soon, technology will start having more pronounced effects on labor and manufacturing through 3D printing and the internet of things. We won’t be talking about piracy and media then, we’ll be talking about millions of jobs and economic conditions never studied in recorded history. As a whole, our quest for innovation must be balanced with careful wisdom and — I’ll say it — an appreciation for the status quo.

We cannot enact change that affects billions of lives and then say “fend for yourself, figure out the new rules”. I believe we must hold out our hands, share a vision for what is newly possible, and, most importantly, show people what role they can play.

That is in our ability — no ones else’s, and thus I believe it is our duty.

  1. This is like the “Tragedy of the Commons”. People at all levels arrange things to their perceived advantage, regardless of “rights”, laws, or, indeed, common sense.

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