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Danish zoo sparks outrage by killing healthy giraffe

Posted on February 10th, 2014 at 0:17 by Paul Jay in category: News -- Write a comment


Thousands signed petition to save Marius, who was put down to avoid inbreeding and then fed to lions.

A healthy young giraffe has been put down at Copenhagen zoo, despite a campaign to save it.

Protesters carrying banners gathered outside the zoo this morning and thousands of people signed a petition to rescue the giraffe, called Marius, after the Danish zoo announced it was planning to kill the animal because of European laws on inbreeding.

  1. If you were ever wondering who finished at the bottom of his PR class …

  2. The interesting thing about the link is the picture of the vet cuttin up the giraffe watched at close quarters by a crowd of young schoolchildren.

    Danish schools take school trips to slaughterhouses and industrial animal production facilities. Part of a deliberate policy to normalize the pork ‘n’ poultry industry.

  3. Which makes me wonder – how many of those outraged about this had steaks for dinner that night?

  4. Probably the same outraged people that would have preferred to eat a giraffe-steak medium rare, and wear designer boots made of giraffe-leather, in stead of having to watch a lion eat it all.

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