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2013 TAS Editors’ Choice Awards: Digital Interconnects

Posted on January 15th, 2014 at 20:13 by Desiato in category: News -- Write a comment


AudioQuest Diamond

0.75m, $549; 1.5m, $695


This über-expensive USB cable is simply revelatory in its combination of ease and refinement on one hand, and resolution and transparency on the other. Although capable of resolving the finest detail, Diamond USB has a relaxed quality that fosters deep musical involvement.

So. Awesome.

  1. From the comments at HN:


    What’s the difference between an audiophile and a musicophile?

    “An audiophile uses music to listen to stereos.”

  2. Blimey. I used to think cognoscenti were people with no taste.

  3. No smell, surely.

  4. I love the review of one of the other products on the same page:
    “Belkin Gold Series
    Despite being ridiculously inexpensive, this cable was AT’s reference for nearly two years. Though no longer the best USB cable available, in sonic and musical terms it continues to outperform and embarrass the vast majority of alternatives, regardless of price. A perfect first (and even last) USB cable.”

    Translation: this is proof that there’s very little advantage to spending 30x-50x for a bloody cable, unless that’s how you judge your self-worth, and is an embarrassment to the very concept of high-end USB cables, much less a site like us that wastes our time reviewing them.

  5. This is the monster of Monster Cables!! Uber-expensive indeed! And worth every penny, I’m sure, to the bank account of the CEO of this company! Gah!

  6. To fully enjoy the increased transparency of this fine cable, you really should also have the Future Tech Powerflux power cord. (@ $1800.00 USD)

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