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How Big is the Universe?

Posted on February 25th, 2013 at 23:21 by Paul Jay in category: News

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Great supine protoplasmic invertebrate jellies!

Posted on February 25th, 2013 at 20:51 by John Sinteur in category: News


In an unexpected development, the mayor’s appearance before the London Assembly was abruptly cut short earlier, as opposition parties seized a procedural opportunity to try to defeat his budget aims.

For the mayor’s budget to be rejected and an alternative passed instead, there needs to be a two-thirds majority in the 25-member assembly.

That was theoretically impossible given the nine Conservative members – voting for the mayor’s proposals – represent more than a third.

But, opposition members noticed one Tory assembly member, Victoria Borwick, was missing from the session.

After the mayor had given his opening speech, they declined to question him – expected to last at least an hour – and moved straight to a debate and vote on the budget.

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  1. One vote needed, and she’s in the loo! 🙂 As someone once said, sh!t happens! 🙂

  2. This is shameful…and one of the big reasons why i dislike politics so much

  3. “Big reasons”? Are you calling me fat? 🙂

The moon! I can’t reach it!

Posted on February 25th, 2013 at 20:20 by John Sinteur in category: awesome


A moment of adorable: two year old Kayla can’t reach the moon, but that doesn’t lessen her interest in it. Kayla’s dad shared the video on Reddit, where he got a lot of suggestions for books and items to appease her lunacy, and was invited to tour the NASA facilities in California.

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18 States Consider Ban On Domestic Drone Use! MIC Stooge Responds “Drones Are Good mmmKay”

Posted on February 25th, 2013 at 18:52 by Paul Jay in category: News

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  1. Very interesting; for the content, and for the almost universal hostility of the callers. Crikey, people are almost as suspicious of their authorities as those authorities are of the citizenry!

Pope candidate Cardinal Turkson: Pedophilia is a white thing

Posted on February 25th, 2013 at 17:33 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane, Pastafarian News


His name is Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana, and he’s one of the top candidates being considered for next Pope.  He’s also has some very disturbing theories on what makes white people tick.  You see, Cardinal Turkson, who is black, thinks only white people are capable of being pedophiles or gay (which he considers the same thing).

Cardinal Turkson was asked about the Catholic church’s ongoing pedophile scandal, and whether there was a chance the scandal might spread to Africa – most of the cases have been in western Europe and America.

Turkson’s response included two basic parts:

1. The pedophile scandal is really a gay scandal.

2. It’s a white thing, so black Africa shouldn’t have a problem.

Cardinal Turkson also defended Uganda’s “kill the gays” bill, which would make homosexuality a crime worthy of the death penalty.  According to Cardinal Turkson, you have to be “fair” to the people who want to legislate the murder of gays, and understand that the hatred of gays is rooted in “tradition” in Africa, so that makes it okay

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  1. Apparently we are all going to hell; this isn’t going to stop, is it?

A Race, a Crash and the Nascar Approach to YouTube Video Takedowns

Posted on February 25th, 2013 at 12:00 by John Sinteur in category: Intellectual Property


To say events at the Drive4COPD 300 race in Daytona Beach on Saturday were a nightmare would be an understatement. Nearly 30 fans sustained injuries after parts of driver Kyle Larson’s car tore through the stands in the wake of a final-lap crash involving multiple cars.

A video of the wreck, shot by a fan and uploaded almost immediately to YouTube, detailed some of the carnage that swept across the stands and the race-goers that filled them. In a particularly intense moment, one person appeared to be pinned down by an errant wheel that flew off one of the wrecked cars.

But just as quickly as it was uploaded, the video was taken down from YouTube at Nascar’s request, citing copyright concerns.


“The fan video of the wreck on the final lap of today’s Nascar Nationwide Series race was blocked on YouTube out of respect for those injured in today’s accident,” said Steve Phelps, Nascar SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, in a statement issued to AllThingsD.

So doing things under false pretenses is now a legitimate form of showing respect to someone. I’ll try to remember that, it might come in handy!

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  1. Of course it may not all be about either respect or copyright, the amateur footage may also be vital as evidence of incompetence or negligence on the part of the organisers.
    Take the case of the 1955 Le Mans disaster, where at least 85 people were killed, possibly more, (the exact figures are in contention, it appears that some of the fatalities were not included because the victims were not French… – or at least this was implied in a documentary about the crash that appeared a few years ago.)
    With footage of the crash that emerged years later it became possible to reconstruct the events showing that there was a potentially lethal bend in the course leading up to the stands.

    Who would have thought racing around at high speed could be so dangerous.

  2. “Who would have thought racing around at high speed could be so dangerous.” – tongue in cheek I suspect… 🙂

    And then there is the internet fact that no data once on the net can be truly deleted. Add to that the Streisand Affect, and it is guaranteed to generate more views, UBoob take-downs notwithstanding!

  3. I noticed the lie by NASCAR as well. However, I wonder if there could be charges filed against them due to the false copyright claim, and if so, if the the _actual_ copyright holder (the videographer with beer in hand) would even get standing? I.e. the videographer presumably lost no income since it was uploaded to a free site, so NASCAR could counter that no harm done. The crime is then a civil one (I guess, IANAL) so would need to be championed by the local DA, who won’t touch it since he’s in the same jurisdiction (and therefore presumably a racin fan and redneck)

  4. Any DMCA claim has something like “I swear under penalty of perjury” that whatever you claim you own copyright on is indeed yours. There have been thousands of false DMCA claims since it became law. Guess how many perjury claims have been prosecuted. In practice, you can file DMCA claims on anything you want, without repercussions.

Britain’s colonial shame: Slave-owners given huge payouts after abolition

Posted on February 25th, 2013 at 10:39 by John Sinteur in category: News


The true scale of Britain’s involvement in the slave trade has been laid bare in documents revealing how the country’s wealthiest families received the modern equivalent of billions of pounds in compensation after slavery was abolished.

The previously unseen records show exactly who received what in payouts from the Government when slave ownership was abolished by Britain – much to the potential embarrassment of their descendants. Dr Nick Draper from University College London, who has studied the compensation papers, says as many as one-fifth of wealthy Victorian Britons derived all or part of their fortunes from the slave economy.

As a result, there are now wealthy families all around the UK still indirectly enjoying the proceeds of slavery where it has been passed on to them. Dr Draper said: “There was a feeding frenzy around the compensation.” A John Austin, for instance, owned 415 slaves, and got compensation of £20,511, a sum worth nearly £17m today. And there were many who received far more.

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Stripped of ‘Country of Origin’ Label, US Agrees to Sell Tear Gas to Egypt

Posted on February 25th, 2013 at 10:07 by John Sinteur in category: News


Egypt’s Interior Ministry ordered 140,000 teargas canisters from the United States in January, which the US State Department only allowed to be exported without the company’s name or any indication they were made in the U.S., the Egypt Independent reports Friday.

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  1. You can measure democracy by how many tear gas canisters a country uses.

  2. 140,000?! Seriously?

  3. I sense a market opportunity in selling gas masks with a V for Vendetta design…

Global Support Grows for Legalizing Drugs

Posted on February 25th, 2013 at 10:04 by John Sinteur in category: News


The global war on drugs has cost billions and taken countless lives — but achieved little. The scant results finally have politicians and experts joining calls for legalization. Following the journey of cocaine from a farm in Colombia to a user in Berlin sheds light on why.

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  1. Back in 1968-69 I was saying this, that the only way to keep all these gazillions of $$ out of the hands of such vicious criminals (and stop their corruption of politicians, police, et al) is to legalize drugs, and then tax them appropriately to help pay for rehab, counselling, and such. Unfortunately, that is going to be a long trek given the self-interest in perpetuation this travesty by organizations such as the DEA, etc. After all, if drugs are legal, why would we need so many drug enforcement agents?


Posted on February 25th, 2013 at 9:41 by John Sinteur in category: Great Picture


Actually the above picture is false. The four seasons are: Almost winter, winter, still fucking winter, and road construction.

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