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Proud Of His Humility

Posted on February 17th, 2013 at 14:47 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane, Pastafarian News -- Write a comment


Cardinal Mahony, who is as deeply implicated in the cover-up of child rape under his authority as Boston’s Cardinal Law, writes the following on his own blog:

In the past several days, I have experienced many examples of being humiliated. In recent days, I have been confronted in various places by very unhappy people. I could understand the depth of their anger and outrage–at me, at the Church, at about injustices that swirl around us.

Thanks to God’s special grace, I simply stood there, asking God to bless and forgive them.

He is forgiving the victims of child-rape, and those who speak up for them? Words fail. Anger overwhelms me.

(and no, it’s not the onion)

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