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The Eye Of The Drain

Posted on February 11th, 2013 at 22:53 by Paul Jay in category: Great Picture -- Write a comment



Certainly a contender for ‘perfectly timed’ photo of the year is this shot by a Redditor named Liam, who took a seemingly mundane photograph of a sink full of soapy water draining itself. Why Liam was even taking such a random shot to begin with makes the shot even better:

“My friend said something around the lines of, ‘Liam, you take too many photos.’ So I ran around the room taking photos of everything and showing him all of them, then this happened and we got spooked.” – Liammm on Reddit

And voila! An awesome shot that now sits #1 on Reddit at the time of this post. Oh and the thumbnail version of the image looks even more ‘eye-like’, check it out below!


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