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Twinkie diet helps nutrition professor lose 27 pounds

Posted on February 4th, 2013 at 2:12 by Sueyourdeveloper in category: News


For 10 weeks, Mark Haub, a professor of human nutrition at Kansas State University, ate one of these sugary cakelets every three hours, instead of meals. To add variety in his steady stream of Hostess and Little Debbie snacks, Haub munched on Doritos chips, sugary cereals and Oreos, too.

His premise: That in weight loss, pure calorie counting is what matters most — not the nutritional value of the food.

The premise held up: On his “convenience store diet,” he shed 27 pounds in two months.

Clearly he should write a diet book. However his diet was only 1800 calories, which is about 12 twinkies per day.

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Outrage after Saudi cleric kills daughter

Posted on February 4th, 2013 at 2:08 by Sueyourdeveloper in category: Pastafarian News


A Saudi cleric who raped his five-year-old daughter and tortured her to death has been sentenced to pay “blood money” to the mother after having served a short jail term, activists have said.

Fayhan al-Ghamdi, an Islamic cleric and regular guest on Islamic television networks, confessed to having used cables and a cane to inflict the injuries, activists from the group Women to Drive said in a statement on Saturday.

The rest of the article is too horrible for words. Saudi Arabia needs regime change if anywhere needs it.

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  1. There’s nothing like letting religion run the state…