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Aaron Swartz

Posted on January 26th, 2013 at 23:53 by Paul Jay in category: Great Picture


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Dad points AK-47 at daughter for getting two B’s

Posted on January 26th, 2013 at 21:07 by John Sinteur in category: News


A St. Paul man has been charged with terroristic threats for pointing an AK-47 rifle at his daughter during an argument over the fact that she got two B’s instead of straight A’s in school.

According to the charges, 52-year-old Kirill Bartashevitch recently purchased the AK-47 due to fears that such weapons would be banned under President Obama’s push for gun control legislation.

Well, if the daughter (and the mom) had been carrying their own guns, this wouldn’t have happened, now would it?

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  1. Although the article I read said something about the gun being “unloaded”, there is no such thing as an unloaded gun, and you NEVER point one at another person unless you plan on shooting (and killing) them! FWIW, that was the first lesson my father taught me before he would let me have a toy pistol at the age of 5 or so. To reinforce the lesson, he would observe my play and confiscate the gun for awhile if he saw I was breaking that rule. Of course when you are playing cowboys and indians, or cops and robbers, you point the gun at the “enemy” and shoot! But otherwise, it was secured in the holster or pointing at the ground or (preferably) sky. Of course he also tried to teach me that what goes up, also comes down, which as an adult I found out for sure when I found a pistol bullet embedded in the shingles of the roof of my home in San Jose, at an angle that showed the shot was fired in the air! A warning police shot perhaps? In any case, it was only a foot or so from the edge of the roof next to our patio…

  2. Shots fired straight up: busted, plausible, and confirmed.

Florida ‘Satanists’ praise governor for prayer bill

Posted on January 26th, 2013 at 20:46 by John Sinteur in category: Pastafarian News


A group of self-proclaimed Satanists on Friday praised Florida Gov. Rick Scott for signing a bill into law last year that lets Florida school boards permit student-initiated prayer and other “inspirational messages.”

During their rally, a white sign with black lettering was stretched across the steps of Florida’s Old Capitol proclaiming “Hail Satan! Hail Rick Scott!”

A high priest wearing goat horns and four “minions” dressed in black, hooded robes were joined by a spokesman, sound technician and camera crew.

The devil, though, was in the details.

The spokesman, Lucien Greaves of Cambridge, Mass., earlier this month had been listed on the Actors Access website as the casting director in an ad seeking unpaid, nonunion actors in Tallahassee. They were wanted to perform in a “mockumentary” titled “The Satanic Temple.”

Greaves insisted it wasn’t all a hoax, although a smile creased his face as he said it.

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  1. All hail the Department of Irony Department! I think Scott and the Florida legislature is about to receive a fine lesson on the “Law of Unintended Consequences”.

Assange: WikiLeaks film script leaked to WikiLeaks

Posted on January 26th, 2013 at 16:37 by John Sinteur in category: News


If you’re making a movie about WikiLeaks, this is the kind of thing you probably see coming.

Julian Assange says he has obtained a leaked copy of the script for “The Fifth Estate,” a DreamWorks film about the maverick computer expert and his famed secret-busting site. In a speech before the Oxford Union debating society earlier this week, Assange said his unauthorized sneak peek has left him convinced the film is a hit piece.

“It is a mass propaganda attack against WikiLeaks, the organization (and) the character of my staff,” he said, adding that the movie — the opening scenes of which Assange described as taking place in Tehran and Cairo — also hyped Western fears over the Islamic Republic’s disputed atomic energy program.

“It is not just an attack against us, it is an attack against Iran. It fans the flames of an attack against Iran,” he said.

A DreamWorks spokeswoman declined to comment on Assange’s claims.

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Al Qaeda Commander Killed for the Third Time

Posted on January 26th, 2013 at 16:34 by John Sinteur in category: ¿ʞɔnɟ ǝɥʇ ʇɐɥʍ


Al-Shihri, a “veteran jihadist,” traveled to Afghanistan shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks to fight coalition troops, only to be captured weeks later, according to West Point’s Combating Terrorism Center. He was sent to the U.S. prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where he stayed for six years before being released to Saudi Arabia. There, he entered a so-called “jihadi rehab” program that attempted to turn terrorists into art students by getting them to get “negative energy out on paper,” as the program’s director told ABC News in 2009.

But just months after he supposedly entered the fingerpainting camp, al-Shihri reappeared in Yemen where he was suspected to have been behind a deadly bombing at the U.S. embassy there.

Wait, what? fingerpainting camp?

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  1. And just what colors were they going to paint their fingers? 🙂

  2. According to Pantone that would be Explosive Residue Emerald.

Shrunken proton baffles scientists

Posted on January 26th, 2013 at 16:21 by John Sinteur in category: News


One of the Universe’s most common particles has left physicists completely stumped. The proton, a fundamental constituent of the atomic nucleus, seems to be smaller than thought. And despite three years of careful analysis and reanalysis of numerous experiments, nobody can figure out why.

The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not “Eureka” but “That’s funny…”

—Isaac Asimov (1920–1992) …

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Google has indexed thousands of publicly accessible printers

Posted on January 26th, 2013 at 16:05 by John Sinteur in category: Security


A quick, well crafted Google search returns “About 86,800 results” for publically accessible HP printers.

There’s something interesting about being able to print to a random location around the world, with no idea of the consequence.

Lock down your printer 🙂

Just wait until the spammers discover this..

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  1. And you thought fax spamming was bad? At least fax spammers had to pay the phone costs (LD charges and what not)…

Attacking the Windows 7/8 Address Space Randomization

Posted on January 26th, 2013 at 15:59 by John Sinteur in category: Microsoft


The nuts and bolts of what is presented here is the idea that DLLs are loaded into memory space if there is memory available, and if there is no memory or only small amounts of memory available then the DLL will be put into the remaining memory hole. This sounds simple. And it works, we can load a DLL into a remaining memory hole. First of all the exploit writer has to code a javascript routine that does fill memory until the memory boundary is hit and a javascript exception is raised. When the memory is filled up the installed javascript exception handler will execute javascript code that frees small chunks of memory in several steps, each step the javascript code will try to load an ActiveX object. The result is that the DLL (sometimes there are several DLLs loaded for an ActiveX object) will be loaded at a predictable address. This means that now the exploit writer has a predictable address to jump to and the ‘where do i jump when I have code execution’ problem is solved. One problem the method has is that Windows will become unresponsive at the time memory is exhausted but will resume normal operation after the DLL is loaded at a fixed address and the memory is freed using the javascript code.

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John Boehner

Posted on January 26th, 2013 at 15:46 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane

Reduce the deficit? Improve education? Reduce poverty? Help the sick? Fuck that shit. There are women out there having safe legal abortions! OH THE HUMANITY.

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Texas GOP rejects ‘critical thinking’ skills. Really.

Posted on January 26th, 2013 at 12:53 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane


In the you-can’t-make-up-this-stuff department, here’s what the Republican Party of Texas wrote into its 2012 platform as part of the section on education:

Knowledge-Based Education – We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking skills and similar programs that are simply a relabeling of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) (mastery learning) which focus on behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority.
Yes, you read that right. The party opposes the teaching of “higher order thinking skills” because it believes the purpose is to challenge a student’s “fixed beliefs” and undermine “parental authority.”

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  1. Jindal said it best, “The Party of Stupid”.

Arizona Republicans Propose Bill That Would Not Allow Atheists To Graduate High School

Posted on January 26th, 2013 at 12:21 by John Sinteur in category: Pastafarian News


A group of Arizona politicians — all Republicans, of course — have proposed a law (House Bill 2467) requiring public high school students to recite the following oath in order to graduate:

I, _______, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge these duties; So help me God.

To quote Comedy Central’s Ilya Gerner: “Nothing says ‘I take this obligation freely’ quite like a state law that withholds your diploma unless you swear an oath.”

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