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Pope says Catholic Church must stand firm against “intolerant agnosticism”

Posted on January 6th, 2013 at 20:44 by John Sinteur in category: Pastafarian News -- Write a comment


In a homily to about 10,000 people in St Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, he firmly rejected suggestions the Church should change to suit public opinion.

“Anyone who lives and proclaims the faith of the Church is on many points out of step with the prevalent way of thinking,” he said. “The approval of the prevailing wisdom, however, is not the criterion to which we submit.”

So you’re going to keep protecting pederasts, I take it?

  1. Burn the blasphemers? Used to work.

  2. The significant quote is in the full article:
    “Today’s regnant agnosticism has its own dogmas and is extremely intolerant regarding anything that would question it and the criteria it employs,” the pope said. “Therefore the courage to contradict the prevailing mindset is particularly urgent for a bishop today. He must be courageous,”

  3. Hmm…we thought up to now that they were deliberately evil b*stards. Perhaps they are just totally insane…evil b*stards…

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