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Cheerios Removes Facbook App During Fury of Anti-GMO Backlash

Posted on December 5th, 2012 at 17:42 by Paul Jay in category: News -- Write a comment


Cheerios is getting slammed for GMOs on their Facebook page. Consumers used Cheerios’ Facebook marketing campaign to give the brand an earful about GMOs, also known as genetically modified foods.

Facebook Fail

Cheerios had posted an “app” on their Facebook that allowed fans to post a word or two about how they felt about Cheerios. Due to all the consumer backlash against GMOs, Cheerios pulled their app off the web.

General Mills and Prop 37

General Mills, makers of Cheerios, donated over one million dollars to defeat California Proposition 37 last month. Prop 37 was a ballot initiative asking brands to label their products, giving consumers the right to know what is in their food.

Unfortunately, due to the massive amount of money spent on advertising by chemical and pesticide companies and industrial food corporations, Prop 37 was defeated in California.

Lots of Comments from Unhappy Customers

Although the app has been removed, consumers are still vociferously complaining on Cheerios’ Facebook wall, telling the cereal maker that they will no longer buy their product because they don’t want GMOs.

  1. General Mills clearly out of touch with popular opinion. I have always been irritated by Montaigne’s * criticism of democracy which runs along the lines that a million ignorances do not constitute one knowledge. Montaigne, not quite as wealthy as General Mills, would have been sobered by the vocal public rejection of GMO foods demonstrated by this reaction to their campaign. Until some proper assessment of the actual risks of GMO experiments is made we would be right to avoid them if we can.

    *Yes I am right up to date with political philosophy.

  2. Well, I guess cheerios ultimately got what they wanted. Feedback from customers. Now maybe they will use this information to address the issues…if that is even feasible at this point.

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