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The amount of crap computer users have to put up with is incredible

Posted on November 11th, 2012 at 13:50 by John Sinteur in category: Microsoft, Software -- Write a comment


The bottom line is that this isn’t about Microsoft, HP, Apple or Adobe. It’s about all of them, and how bad the experience has become. While many of these issues can be fixed, checkboxes unchecked, and so on, I feel like as time goes on, every company is trying to come up with any possible idea that they can garner in order to screw their customers over, in most cases just to make an extra buck. The simple fact is that most people don’t go through the trouble is fixing all of this crap, they just put up with it, and that’s exactly what companies count on.

  1. Yesterday I had to install a new win7 pro system on a small customer network. 6 hours of hell. The print drivers alone were a headache. HP should be put out of their misery IMO. And then came crapware removal and next that bloated behemoth quickbooks which even in 2012 does not understand that users should not run in the administrator group. The amount of firewall gymnastics to get to behave for a standard user was amazing. These days I advise customers to do VDI (virtual desktop)and ditch the PC and instead use a thin client end user device. Yeah, setting up a terminal/citrix server is a headache, but it’s once and not each time a new workstation is installed. And these days, I only do workstations if customers allow me to swear at it while doing the install. I swore a lot yesterday.

  2. It’s OK Mykolas, there is a rate sheet for swearing that you can post in your workplace. Then you can tell your customer that you are raising money for charity. It’s not unreasonable and will encourage an improved tone around your efforts to wrest usability from crap (10 cents).

    Swear box tariff:
    (denominated in your local currency units)

    0.50 Female anatomy
    0.30 Male anatomy
    0.25 Unisex anatomy
    0.25 Incestual relations
    0.20 Other sexual activity
    0.10 Bestiality
    0.10 Blasphemy
    0.10 Bodily functions (excluding sexual acts)
    0.10 Ordure and assorted excrement

  3. Oh I forgot one:

    0.05 Euphemisms (e.g tabarnouche, heck).

  4. @SueW 🙂

  5. I guess Win7 Pro = Professional Hell.

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