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Microsoft develops mood-matching ad engine

Posted on June 14th, 2012 at 8:24 by John Sinteur in category: If you're in marketing, kill yourself, Microsoft -- Write a comment


Microsoft has filed for a technology patent which will allow advertisers to push their advertising to consumers based on their emotional states and recent behaviours and activities.

The platform works across devices, tracking and monitoring the online activity data of consumers stored in logs including browsing history, web page content, search queries, emails, instant messages, videos from webcams, gestures from a computing device, e.g., Microsoft Kinect and results from online games.

The technology created by a group of resident Microserfers goes on to process the online activity identifying a tone associated with content that the user interacted with, receiving an indication of the user’s reaction to the content and assigning an emotional state to the user based on the tone of the content and the indication of the user’s reaction to the content.

The user’s reaction is identified from facial expressions of the user captured by an image capture device during the time period of usage. Advertisers then provide targeting data that includes the desired emotional states of users it intends to target and the ads are duly served to unsuspecting emo targets.

  1. If Microsoft or anyone else want me to have this on my computer without me blocking/defeating it then I’d like THEM to pay ME for every ad they stick up in front of me.

    Is it likely to happen, for me or anyone else? No.

    Is anyone likely to be happy that they’re being sold as the product without even getting a taste? No.

    Somehow, I don’t think this app’s going to fly…

  2. “Is anyone likely to be happy that they’re being sold as the product without even getting a taste?”

    As we can ee every day, yes, lots of people.
    If it’s done by a company, of course, if the government did it, it would be outrageous.

  3. Linux, Firefox, Ghostery, NoScript. And that will then be pushed to everyone i know.

  4. This has made my emotional state very hostile to uSoft (not an unusual state, given that I have Windows on several machines).

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