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Rights Group Demands Cash So Libraries Can Read Books To Kids

Posted on March 14th, 2012 at 17:40 by John Sinteur in category: Intellectual Property -- Write a comment


There can hardly be an adult in the world who didn’t enjoy being read a story as a child and for many of us recollection of these tales means reliving some of our earliest memories.

But rather than being scared of the big bad wolf, kids in Belgium have a new foe – the country’s evil copyright overlords.

In quite possibly their lowest move yet, rights group SABAM are now trying to attach a price to children’s reading sessions taking place in libraries up and down the country.

More often associated with music-related collections, SABAM have been contacting libraries that hold sessions where children can listen to stories read out by library staff. These, the group insists, are events held in public and are therefore chargeable.

One target for SABAM is a library in Dilbeek that has been holding a twice-monthly reading hour for children.

“Each time a dozen or so children attend,” library worker Alexandra Vervaecke told DeMorgen. “A while ago we were suddenly contacted by SABAM and told that we have to pay. I have done the calculations: for us it would amount to 250 euro per year.”

  1. In other words, screw the children. Hey! Come to think of it,is SABAM run by Catholic priests?

  2. For your information, SABAM is not a ‘right’ group or a political related entity.
    It’s SUPPOSED to collect money for the artists it represents.

    in fact to the pubic eyes it looks so much more like a mafia type organisation.

    Artist members of it complains of the huge cost and fee sabam is keeping for themselves. It has been condamned not so long ago for the living style of its management.

    All in all a crappy parasite in Belgium society but that is still there. But in no way any rightist organisation

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