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Microsoft’s Biggest Miss

Posted on February 19th, 2012 at 10:36 by John Sinteur in category: Microsoft -- Write a comment


Like the curtain finally falling from the Wizard of Oz to find just a small, frail, man pretending to be far more powerful and relevant than he really was. Microsoft’s biggest miss was allowing the world to finally see the truth behind the big lie — they were not needed to get real work done. Or anything done, really.

  1. IMO, the biggest mistake was in making their customers feel cheated. Every time. For decades.

  2. I’m still struggling to create a spreadsheet on the tiny screen of the iPhone.
    I mean a real spreadsheet, not a toy one.
    Or write a document.

    Must be me, but I like to be able to type fast and see what I do – I think Office on the iPhone is not really a good thing.
    But you can have office on the iPad. Yes, for real. It’s called Office 365. Very cloud. Very up to date.

    Nice article. Unfortunately, people still need Excel and Word (or the OpenOffice or the iWork version of that.)
    But at least it was a long article.

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