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Posted on February 2nd, 2012 at 10:56 by Paul Jay in category: News -- Write a comment


Violet Blue describing the “saddest booth babe in the world” at Macworld:

Her shoulders were hunched and her hands sat limply in her lap beneath breasts that were packaged air-tight in a tight, branded t-shirt.

Except it wasn’t a booth babe, it was a developer at her booth. Perhaps Violet should have asked her about the product since she was only 15 feet away from her.

I love this from the comments on the story:

Violet Blue, that “saddest booth babe in the world” is in fact the developer and sole proprietor of NeoPlay Entertainment. Had you actually been doing your job, i.e. reporting, you would have known this, because your would have talked to her.
But no, being the pustulent wart that you are you stand around making up your own facts to fit the story that ‘you’ want to tell.

For someone that advocates female rights and empowerment to the extent that you do, you display a breathless ignorance of the issues.

Had you been doing your job you would be celebrating this woman, not sneering at her in order to make a factually incorrect point.

The only thing sad here is the reporting or lack of.

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