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Samsung: no ICS upgrade for Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab because of TouchWiz

Posted on December 23rd, 2011 at 20:57 by John Sinteur in category: Apple, Google -- Write a comment


Samsung has just distributed the worst news of this Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade cycle: the popular Galaxy S smartphone that sold 10 million units last year and the 7-inch Galaxy Tab tablet won’t be upgraded to Android 4.0.


it’s a development platform, not a computing platform. That’s why tech commentators can’t see the difference.

iOS for iPhone and iPad is a platform. Android is not. Android is something companies use to develop products. Anything done on Android after release of a product that has no relation whatsoever to the product. This is no different from iOS, except the company who developed iOS and the product is one and the same, and that has effects on what they think customers may expect from them. No wonder people are more loyal to Apple.

  1. That’s the point, TC. The day Apple quits support to its old 3Gs devices, People (including my wife) will be stranded with his old handset.
    The day Samsung or Google quits support on my Nexus S, I’ll just download and compile the ROM that best suits my needs.

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