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Corporate Media Admit They Censor Ron Paul

Posted on August 17th, 2011 at 13:16 by Paul Jay in category: News -- Write a comment


The big media simply delete Ron Paul from their polls, even though Paul scored very highly in the Ames Iowa straw poll – and virtually every poll taken recently.

Indeed, CNN noted in May that Paul had the best chance of any Republican of beating Obama.

“Not Electable” Is Code for “Challenges the Powers-That-Be”

The pundits claim they are only censoring candidates who are “not electable”. But just as “not politically feasible” is code for “the powers-that-be don’t want it”, “not electable” simply means that the candidate would champion the interests of the little guy, and challenge the powers-that-be: the large defense contractors, the giant banks, big pharma or the mega-energy producers.

As Kara Miller notes, the media won’t cover Ron Paul:

because he doesn’t fit the media narrative. He’s anti-war and pro-small government …. Heavily influenced by each other, media outlets have sidelined Paul and embraced Bachmann ….

  1. Thing is, you would think that Ron Paul would do OK with the conservative right. He’s strong on the anti-tax stance, he was pro-small government before the Tea Party existed, he’s anti-abortion. The only catch is, I think, that he wants the government to stop regulating marriage.

  2. No matter what he thinks or says. He’s being DELETED from the results.
    Against War = No Big Media airtime. You see a connection?

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