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Michele Bachmann wins Iowa straw poll as Rick Perry looms

Posted on August 14th, 2011 at 9:12 by John Sinteur in category: Indecision 2012 -- Write a comment


Michele Bachmann captured the famed Iowa straw poll in Ames Saturday, reaching a high-profile benchmark in her meteoric rise to a top-tier presidential candidate.

Bachmann made history as well, becoming the first woman to win the event. She received 4,823 votes out of the almost 17,000 votes cast. The turnout was a significant leap over four years ago but didn’t approach the record of more than 23,000 votes cast back in 1999.

The Minnesota congresswoman narrowly outpaced Libertarian Rep. Ron Paul, who had 4,671 votes, and whose red-T-shirt-wearing supporters flooded the campus of Iowa State University and packed the arena when Paul spoke.

So, everybody who feels there’s need for an alternative to Obama: here it is.


  1. Bachmann’s not actually so bad for Democrats. She makes Sarah Palin look smart and sane.

    I just don’t understand why T-Paw decided to quit after losing only to her and Ron Paul, but maybe he too was following in Sarah Palin’s footsteps.

  2. OK, now I’m concerned. After enfeebled and divided democracy comes what? Oligarchy, aristocracy, revolution, populist totalitarianism or a combination?

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