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Our Abortion Was Different: When The Anti-Choice Choose

Posted on June 14th, 2011 at 11:18 by John Sinteur in category: Foyer of Ennui (just short of the Hall of Shame) -- Write a comment


Rick Santorum, former Pennsylvania senator and likely presidential candidate, wants all abortions outlawed. He has even said that abortion providers should be “criminally charged.” Clearly, his compassion for zygotes, fetuses, and other squishy, jelly-like substances not fully alive is without question. When it comes to actual human beings, however, there is some doubt. He voted to cut every social and welfare program that came before him as senator, and not just those helping women and girls, but those helping the poor, immigrants, children in general, and, of course, education.

Mr. Santorum doesn’t hate all people, however. As a Republican, he loves rich people, white people, business people, and Christians. The real Americans, he calls them. There’s one other person he loves, too: his wife, Karen Santorum.


Karen was going to die if her pregnancy was not ended, if the fetus was not removed from her body. So, at 20 weeks, one month before what doctors consider ‘viability’, labor was artificially induced and the infected fetus was delivered. It died shortly thereafter.

  1. This blog post includes a copy of a Philadelphia Inquirer article that suggests that Karen Santorum had a miscarriage and that labor was not induced. (Which pretty much contradicts this “Santorum had an abortion” claim.)

  2. This happened to a devout fundamentalist acquaintance; his wife had an ectopic pregnancy -fetus implanted outside the womb. This is a medical emergency, the woman would die and the fetus is not viable. They aborted the child. Although it was, naturally, very upsetting, they called it a miscarriage, as they had planned to have the child. Fair enough, but don’t try to limit others’ rights to have abortions!

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