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Mobius 2009

Posted on November 20th, 2009 at 7:22 by John Sinteur in category: Apple, Microsoft -- Write a comment


Mobius is an invite-only event, hosted by Microsoft, where the invited guests are shown what Microsoft is doing in the mobile space. Full disclosure: Microsoft generously covers our flight and hotel expenses, and keeps us well fed during the event – though there are some attendees that pay their own way to get here, and pay for their own hotel. I’m not one of those people – if a company is willing to pay for me to fly out to see what they’re up to, I’ll take them up on the offer. It won’t change my opinion about what they’re showing me.

But look at the products used by the developers attending, and read the full post linked in the article below this one, taking care with the bit about why developers work on the iPhone:


  1. I can’t open that site. Do you have slashdotting powers?

  2. I doubt it – but there are others pointing to it as well, Daring Fireball among them – and he does have slashdotting powers.. Try again later..

  3. OK, they don’t use Dell or Toshiba, or HP. What OS do they run? A lot of people I know wit Mac run Windows

  4. I find it amusing that people still can’t grasp the fact that seeing an Apple is not neccessarily bad for Microsoft. It’s bad for Dell, Toshiba, HP, whatever.
    Using a MacBook is irrelevant for MS. They don’t sell laptops.
    Using MacOS is relevant for MS. But funnily enough Mac can and does run Windows.

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