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Percentage of Internet Users Clicking on Display Ads Down by 50%

Posted on October 2nd, 2009 at 14:07 by John Sinteur in category: If you're in marketing, kill yourself -- Write a comment


The percentage of U.S. Internet users who click on display ads has fallen 50 percent in the last two years, according to a study by comScore, Starcom and Tacoda.

The findings
(Techmeme), an update to research conducted in 2007, found that 16 percent of Internet users in March 2009 clicked on display ads, down from 32 percent a year ago. In addition, only 8 percent of the Internet user base accounts for 85 percent of all ad clicks.

You know what really gets my goat? This phrase from the article: “The big takeaway from researchers is that display ads should be measured by something other than click-through.”

No, fuckhead, the big takeaway is that you’re wasting bandwidth,electricity, time, and a lot of other things from 92% of the internet population, and should fucking stop doing that.

  1. I am sympathetic to your view, John. Especially since I am presently using a terrible wireless connection and cannot stream Colbert Report as I like–partially since the ads consume some of the juice I need for a smooth stream. But what do you propose (other than reasonable measurement)? I appreciate profanity in general, but see so little of it from you that I suspect you have an answer after getting so emotional.

    I don’t go to comedy central anymore. Since I am not a clicker, I am not sure if it hurts them for me to be gone, but if it does, it is in their interest to stop this if my contributions outweigh the clickers’. I like your site for it’s simplicity, among other things. But I have no idea how you pay the bills. I suspect it is primarily a means of community and self-expression. Thanks, btw.

  2. But what do you propose

    I don’t propose anything at all. It’s not my job to come up with a working business model for them, just like it’s not my problem is there’s no working business model possible at all for them. I’m not currently being paid to find a solution. That’s THEIR job, but I’d like them very much to stop wasting MY resources while they’re failing. It’s a bit like “Doctor, it hurts when I hit my forehead – Well, stop doing that then – What else do you propose I hit?” No, no, and no again! First thing you do find yourself digging a hole is stop digging. THEN you can start asking what else to do. But if you’re asking me, be prepared to get an invoice with a fairly high hourly rate for any advice I give you. And as long as nobody offered, I have no plans to talk about my ideas for them.

    But I have no idea how you pay the bills

    Not through this weblog, nor have I any illusion that will get me any money at all. This is just a hobby, and like any hobby it is allowed to have a negative effect on my bank account.

  3. Using this will immediately remove a lot of what I deem to be “clutter” from your browsing experience.
    (Please read in full before implementing)

  4. I prefer Adblock.

  5. Adblock works for sure.
    Note though, for other platforms and other browsers, the hosts file will provide consistent across the board relief.

  6. What amazes me is that anyone ever clicks on a display ad of any sort. I wonder how many of the click throughs are actually just the result of the popup getting in the way and the user clicking on it by mistake. That’s the ONLY way I have ever clicked on one. Oh, and the ones that ask if you really want to navigate away from wherever they may have sent you? Don’t even get me started….I envision some poor old folks (like my Mom) who click on these things purely by mistake then having that action compiled and analyzed by these “researchers” – actually kind of a funny thought.

  7. The lower the clickrate, the less the income per ad, the more ads each site will run, right?

    What would you guess the rate of customer contact directly resulting from ads in magazines is? I would bet that it’s below 1/100th of 16%. Do magazine ads not, in some fashion, “work”?

  8. Do magazine ads not, in some fashion, “work”?

    As far as my personal experience goes, no, they don’t. And if I look at advertising income for magazines (and newspapers), they’ve been plummeting. But the quotes around “work” show that you’re prone to the same mistake – if you find out that magazine ads don’t do what you expect, you redefine the word “work” and continue advertising. People don’t buy from them. so hey, let’s just call it brand recognition. As I said, from the article, “The big takeaway from researchers is that display ads should be measured by something other than click-through.” – in other words, lets stop measuring clicks, and just call it brand recognition…

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