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How to Pull a Palin Punk: Perseverance

Posted on November 4th, 2008 at 14:57 by John Sinteur in category: Indecision 2008 -- Write a comment


The radio DJ who pulled off one of the most spectacular prank phone calls of all time — he punk’d Gov. Sarah Palin by posing as French President Nicolas Sarkozy — said he simply began at the bottom of her staff and worked his way up to get the Republican vice presidential nominee on the telephone.


Audette said the prank started with a call to Alaska. “We started by calling the governor’s office in Alaska, and after that, we were transferred from one person to another. It took us about four days. We spoke to about a dozen people, and that’s how we were able to speak to her,” Audette told ABCNews.

“The people running her campaign are not adequately protecting her. Either they are not doing their work, or they have given up — which tells you the wheels are coming off the bus.”


Audette said that most of the time, he is only able to use “30 to 40 percent of the material” he and Trudel have written for their crank calls before the person they are conning realizes the put on.

“But with Mrs. Palin we got lucky, because we used all the material we had written. At the end, we had to improvise.”

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