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Have We Switched Sides on the War on Terror?

Posted on April 4th, 2007 at 21:30 by John Sinteur in category: News


ABC News is reporting that we are helping a “militant” group in Pakistan to undermine the Iranian regime. Another word for “militant” in that sentence is “terrorist.” As the story explains they kidnap and execute Iranian officials, as well as soldiers and border guards. Have we switched sides on the war on terror? Are we with the terrorists now?

The “war on terror” has always been a fraud. Terror is a tactic, not an enemy. And we were never fighting all of the terrorists in the world. I don’t remember our offensives against the IRA or the Tamil Tigers. And we eventually started labeling almost all of our enemies as terrorists, whether they fit the definition or not.

But now this is another step. We are actively aiding and abetting militants who execute people on camera. The leader of this group, Jundullah, is a guy named Abd el Malik Regi. He is described by a senior fellow on counter-terrorism at the Nixon Center this way:

“He used to fight with the Taliban. He’s part drug smuggler, part Taliban, part Sunni activist.”

Lovely fellow. You know who else is known as Sunni activists? Al Qaeda. There is a secret war going on behind the scenes between the Shiites and Sunnis in the Middle East. Seymour Hersh explained it pretty well in his last article in The New Yorker. And guess whose side we’re on? If you guessed Shiites, try again. No, it appears we’re with the “Sunni activists.”

Now, if you’re thinking, wait a minute, “We’re fighting the Sunnis in Iraq and Al Qaeda is Sunni.” You’re quite right. But here’s what you didn’t figure, “Saudi Arabia is Sunni and Iran is Shiite.” So, who cares about Al Qaeda, let’s go get those Iranians!

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  1. No, there has been no switching of sides or flip flopping. It’s always been this screwed up. In other news US is actually training/rearming captured militants on the afghan/china border and sending them over into china to cause mayhem. But hey, it won’t make the headlines over here ‘cos were all focused on the “Axis of Evil”