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RIAA wants the Internet shut down

Posted on December 4th, 2006 at 16:52 by John Sinteur in category: Intellectual Property, News


One of the lawyers involved in defending cases bought against people by the RIAA claims that if the music industry wins a crucial case, the Internet will have to be switched off.

Speaking on the DefectiveByDesign anti-DRM campaign site, Ray Beckerman said the case of Electro vs. Barker has become very important for the web’s future.

Barker was being defended by Beckerman who made a motion to dismiss the case because the RIAA had forgot to provide any acts or dates or times of copyright infringement as the law normally requires.

The RIAA argued that by merely making files available on the Internet Barker was making a copyright infringement.

Beckerman said that it was a shocking argument because if it were accepted by the court it would probably shut down the entire Internet. If you send any file on the Net the RIAA will be allowed to suspect that you are in breach of copyright.

What was more disturbing is that the RIAA called up its mates in Washington to back it up. Apparently the United States Government has put in motions supporting the RIAA.

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Traveler at airport is charged

Posted on December 4th, 2006 at 16:49 by John Sinteur in category: News, Security


A Kaysville man is facing a federal charge after federal airport security officials say he tried to pose as a U.S. ambassador or diplomat to get out of a security search.
Jon Telford McBride has been charged with one count of unlawful use of likeness of the great seal of the United States stemming from an incident at the Salt Lake City International Airport in October.
According to the complaint filed Wednesday, McBride was pulled aside for a standard screening procedure after his carry-on bag generated an alarm. During the search McBride reportedly asked a Transportation Security officer, “Are you a homosexual?”
The officer said he was not and called over a lead security officer and a supervisor, according to the complaint. McBride then allegedly asked another male security officer if he was a homosexual. When asked if he was refusing screening, McBride said he would allow a female officer to pat him down but was told that was not an option, the complaint states.

At that point, McBride reportedly told officers that he was not required to comply with the screening and produced a leather case with a bold badge bearing the image of the “Great Seal of the United States” with the inscription “ambassador/diplomat.”
Airport officers say McBride also produced an ID card bearing the U.S. seal, a photo of McBride and designating him as “Ambassador Jon Telford McBride.” When asked to produce a driver’s license, McBride instead produced a valid Utah concealed weapons permit.
A background check revealed that McBride was not employed by the U.S. Department of State but was allowed to move on to his flight after consenting to a search. An officer confiscated the identification.

If he uttered the word “Allah” he would have been tossed, but this fine white gentleman naturally was allowed to fly.

Do you feel safer yet?

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The Trouble With Pot

Posted on December 4th, 2006 at 16:18 by John Sinteur in category: News


The difficulty with marijuana is that it produces a side effect that our government cannot tolerate. This side effect is so severe that any drug that produces it must be severely restricted or banned outright. And it is an insidious side effect. It is so insidious that it is nearly impossible to detect through measurments of body chemistry, metabolic function, critical organ functions, or tissue damage. You simply cannot find any harm caused by this side effect, but it’s there.

The side effect, of course, is pleasure. Our government will never allow it.

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  1. that why its referred to as the pursuit of happiness. we’re not allowed to catch it, just pursue.

  2. Its pretty tiring to see all the “Marijuana is harmless” arguments. You’d pretty much have to have your head in the sand to describe marijuana as harmless. Whether it should be legalised is another matter (here in Uk they trialled it then pulled it as it caused real problems) as clearly Alcohol and cigarettes are more of a problem in society. But for people to state that it is harmless is false as there is plenty of medical evidence to prove otherwise.

Sony Viao C series

Posted on December 4th, 2006 at 15:47 by John Sinteur in category: If you're in marketing, kill yourself


Face it, first impressions are important. You only get one chance.

Yes, and the first impression I get from that page is that you searched a few look-a-likes to imitate the Apple advertising. Gee, Apple must be something you feel I should take a look at. I guess I will. And I am not the only one

I know you’re all a bunch of fuck-wits over at Sony, but even first-year students of marketing know that you don’t want to rip off your competitors like this.

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We’ve Secretly Replaced the Shitty Zune You Thought You Were Buying With an Even Shittier One

Posted on December 4th, 2006 at 15:41 by John Sinteur in category: If you're in marketing, kill yourself, Microsoft, What were they thinking?



So as we understand it, apparently Microsoft secretly slipped 100 hot pink (or shall we say, magenta?) Zunes into the retail market for purchase, where only especially eagle-eyed buyers would notice what they were getting before taking it home and opening up their rather eye-catching player. (For lawsuit’s sake, it’s in the fine print on the bottom of the box.) Supposedly there’s another 100 pink Zunes that were given out to the Zune team, but we doubt those will be up on eBay any time soon, as is at least one of the pinks. Kind of a bummer though for that dude. You get what you thought was going to be your white (or brown or black) Zune home just to find out you’ve got a limited edition — great, except that of all the colors to surprise a user with, statistically speaking pink might be the worst selection.

The New York Times chimes in:


It appears that Microsoft has secretly seeded 100 pink Zunes into the market so that very lucky, very unsuspecting buyers will get in a car to drive somewhere to get their presumably brown Zune, buy it, drive back home, open the package, and realize they have a pink Zune instead. Apparently, on Planet Microsoft, this is very cool marketing and not at all a way to piss off customers and shit all over a product launch any more than you already have.

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  1. So, they piss off their network of music stores that they had partnered with for “Plays on Windows” strategy, They attach a bizarre protection around any “audio” file you send to another Zune user that will remove the file after either 3 plays (a play is not the entire audio file, just a percentage or number of minutes) or 3 days, which ever comes first. Doesn’t have any podcatching ability…

    Now they think people will think they are special getting a color that one, they didn’t buy. Two, is the most bizarre color I have seen yet.

    They now have second place in the world of MP3 players. Sounds like they thing took off like a rocket. iPod with over 60% of the market and the Zone has just over 6%. Hehe, I wonder if they are dancing in their offices for being in second place. 🙂

Afghanistan opium crop sets record

Posted on December 4th, 2006 at 15:24 by John Sinteur in category: News


Opium production in Afghanistan, which provides more than 90 percent of the world’s heroin, broke all records in 2006, reaching a historic high despite ongoing U.S.-sponsored eradication efforts, the Bush administration reported yesterday.

In addition to a 26 percent production increase over past year — for a total of 5,644 metric tons — the amount of land under cultivation in opium poppies grew by 61 percent. Cultivation in the two main production provinces, Helmand in the southwest and Oruzgan in central Afghanistan, was up by 132 percent.

White House drug policy chief John Walters called the news “disappointing.”

Police chief John Walters has a nice sense of understatement..

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Cool Multiplication Method

Posted on December 4th, 2006 at 15:20 by John Sinteur in category: News

The Best Multiplication Method! – video powered by Metacafe

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  1. Best Method? Please try 55 x 55…. You’ll need to do some extra effort to get the right result. Things get even worse when try the same on a multiplication of 3 digits.
    But it’s good fun anyway.

  2. There is a little more to it than the multiplication in the example, I grant you that. First. when a multiplication of numbers results in a number less than 10, you have to add a 0.

    55 x 55 results in the following 4 numbers alongside the rectangle: 2, 9, 12 and 5. I didn’t know this method, but I figured that I had to add the 1 from 12 to 9. But then you get 10. Add the one from 10 to 2 and you get: 3, 0, 2 and 5. It works. I also got it working with 3 times 3 digit numbers.

    Funny method, to bad I always have a calculator within hands reach. 🙂

Boy, 14, killed over egg toss

Posted on December 4th, 2006 at 11:53 by John Sinteur in category: ¿ʞɔnɟ ǝɥʇ ʇɐɥʍ, News


Police are searching for the driver of an SUV who chased and fatally shot a 14-year-old boy he thought had thrown an egg at his vehicle early yesterday.

Danny Crawford, of 3217 Valley View Dr., died of a single gunshot wound in the upper body, according to Franklin County Coroner Brad Lewis.

Danny’s body was found in an alley behind 28 N. Terrace Ave., on the city’s West Side. The shooting took place about 12:30 a.m.

He died at the scene, Lewis said.

The eighth-grade student at Westmoor Middle School was with two other boys, one of whom threw an egg at an SUV on W. Broad Street, according to one of the boys, whose parents did not want his name used.

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  1. Boy, times have sure changed since my days of being a teenager. A friends car was “egged” on the way to Six Flags here where we worked. We were mad, we tried to follow them for a short while, We cleaned up the mess before starting work and then started work and went home when we were finished.

    Hmm, now people shoot others over it. Amazing.

  2. its real sad that someone would shoot a 14 year old boy over egg toss but i hope everything works out for his family and frineds


Posted on December 4th, 2006 at 11:50 by John Sinteur in category: Cartoon






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The World’s Fair

Posted on December 4th, 2006 at 9:22 by John Sinteur in category: Great Picture


Faith D’Aluisio and Peter Menzel have a newish book out which is just wonderful from a food perspective. Essentially, they’ve traveled the world to meet “average” families and report on their dietary habits. Apart from being thematically intriguing from a journalistic point of view, it’s also quite awesome from a visual perspective. Basically, Peter has taken photos of the families with their weekly food totals.

This one is a representative from the US, and here are some others. A whole ton of other pictures can be found here.


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Posted on December 4th, 2006 at 8:40 by John Sinteur in category: Nederland is Gek!



De verdachte ontkent dat hij het misdrijf heeft gepleegd. Dat zegt zijn advocaat Henk van Hasselt, die kort na het eerste politieverhoor met de man heeft gesproken. De raadsman wil geen enkele bijzonderheid over de verdachte en de omstandigheden rond diens aanhouding kwijt.

Onderzoek van deze krant maakt duidelijk dat de verdachte oorspronkelijk uit Den Haag komt, langere tijd in Bergen op Zoom heeft gewoond en nu in de gemeente Woensdrecht verbleef. Hij is van Antilliaanse afkomst. Hij zou naar de school in Hoogerheide zijn gegaan om een broertje of ander familielid te zien.

Jesse Dingemans, leerling van groep 5, was vrijdagmorgen even na elven met zijn klasgenootjes aan het werk in de aula van de school. „Omdat hij al klaar was met zijn werkstuk, kreeg hij van de juf de opdracht om in de klas wat spulletjes te pakken. Jesse was al even weg toen de juf dacht: ‘Hij is nogal klein, misschien kan hij er niet bij.’ Toen ze ging kijken, zag ze Jesse liggen”, zegt directeur Michel Brouwer.


Het gaat om de 22-jarige Julien Constancia, een draaideur-crimineel. In Nova wist de burgemeester van Woensdrecht vrijdag al te vertellen dat het een bekende was van de politie, maar hoe of wat precies weigerde hij te vertellen. Welnu, dat bekende van de politie dient u dus gewoon heel erg letterlijk te nemen. Zo geeft zijn pleegvader Gosse als karateka les op het Politie Instituut Openbare orde en Gevaarsbeheersing in Ossendrecht. En het biologische zoontje van Gosse zat weer in dezelfde klas als Jesse.

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