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Immigrant joke

Posted on June 2nd, 2006 at 17:39 by John Sinteur in category: Joke -- Write a comment

A Mexican family crosses over the border to the Land of Milk and Honey where the streets are paved with gold. But the husband couldn’t find any work. His family is hungry, so he takes a walk to a quiet place at the foot of a big hill, kneels at the base of a tree, and begins to pray: “Sweet Jesus, please show me a way to feed my family… ” Eyes closed, the Mexican does not see the black man coming over the top of the hill, who is stumbling wildly with a broken grocery sack.

When the Mexican man opens his eyes, a large wheel of cheddar cheese rolls down the hill and lands at his feet! “Oh, thank you Jesus, thank you!” he cries, grabs the cheese, and runs straight home, while the Black man yells at him.

Upon returning home, he gives the cheese to his wife and instructs her to make some nachos.

“But wouldn’t you rather have cheese enchiladas and burritos and other things” she inquires? “No,” the husband says, “Jesus sent this to me with a message. As I ran home, I kept hearing Him yelling, “That’s nacho cheese!”

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